Contoh Percakapan / Conversation antara Order Taker dengan Guest, dan Buttler dengan Guest

A. Conversation Between Order Taker and Guest

O: Order Taker
G: Guest
O : “Good morning, order taker Agung’s speaking may I assist you?”
G : “Yes, good morning. Would you like to give me iron and iron board, please?”
O : “May I know your name and your room number, please?”
G : “My name is Robert and my room number is Cempaka 2”.
O : “Alright Ms. Robert how many iron and iron board do you want?”
G : “Please, give me 1 iron and iron board now!”
O : “Yes, Ms. Robert and when will you return the iron and iron board?”
G : “I will return when I check out”.
O : “Is that anything else Ms.Robert?”
G : “No thanks”.
O : “Alright Ms. Robert I would like to repeat your request. Your room number is Cempaka 2, You are order 1 iron and iron board, and you will return that when you are check out. Is that right?”
G : “Yes, that’s right”.
O : “Wait a moment Ms, I would like to contact our Butler Service to send the iron and iron board to your room”.
G : “Yes, please. Thank you”.
O : “My pleasure Ms. Cahaya”.

B. Converstation Buttler and Guest

(“The Butler Service come to Miss Cahaya’s room and brings the all of Miss Cahaya was requested”)

O : (Knocking the door 3 times) “Good morning, Butler Service please !
G : “Come in please!”
O : “Excume Ms. Robert, I’m Butler Service. You request 1 iron and iron board. Is that right?”
G : “Yes, that’s right”.
O : “Well Miss Robert, where I can put this iron and iron board?”
G : “Please put the iron and iron board beside my bed, because i will use that now”.
O : “Yes, certainly Miss Robert”. (tempatkan di sebelah bed) “Would you like to sign in this form, Miss? Because we need your confirmation”.
G : “Yes, of course”.
O : “Well, Miss Robert. Do you have anything else?”
G : “No, I think that’s all”.
O : “Yes, Miss Robert, if you have finished to used the iron and iron board please you contact order taker or dial 1 to contact the reception desk.”
G : “Yes, I will contact you if I have some problems”.
O : “Certainly, Miss Robert. We wish you have a good vacation in our hotel”.
G : “Yes, thank you very much for your service”.
O : “You’re welcome Ms.Robert, and We hope you enjoy about our facilities in this hotel”.Have a nice day.”

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