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Percakapan Order Taker dan Butler dalam Menangani Permintaan Tamu (special request a pillow)

Percakapan Order Taker dan Butler dalam Menangani Permintaan Tamu (special request a pillow)
Order Taker dan Butler dalam Menangani Permintaan Tamu

Berikut ini adalah Contoh percakapan sebagai seorang order taker dan butler dalam menangani permintaan tamu
Conversation Between Order Taker With Guest

Order Taker : Good morning, Housekeeping service. Adi’s speaking. How may I assist you ?
Guest : Good morning. I’m Peter. I would like to request one extra pillow, because I cant sleep when I use just one pillow..
Order Taker : Alright Mr. Peter, May I know your room number, please ?
Guest : Yes, my room number is Jempiring 1. How much will I pay for the extra pillow?
Order Taker : For the extra pillow you must pay US$ 3 per night. It will be adding to your guest bill.
Guest : It’s okay.
Order Taker : How long will you use the extra pillow, sir ?
Guest : I will use the extra pillow until I check out in this hotel. It is for 5 nights.
Order Taker : Alright, anything else, sir?
Guest : No, I think that more than enough for now.
Order Taker : alright Mr. Peter. May I repeat your order, sir ?
Guest : Yes, please.
Order Taker : Well Mr. Peter, your room number is Jempiring 1. You ordered one extra pillow for 5 nights. Is that right, sir?
Guest : Yes, that is right.
Order Taker : Alright, Mr. Peter, our butler will set up your extra pillow as soon as possible.
Guest : Thank you very much for your help.
Order Taker : You’re welcome, sir. Thank you for your calling. Have a nice day.
Guest : You too.


Request the extra pillow

Butler : Good morning, butler service please (knock the door)

Mr. Peter : Wait for me (Open the door)

Butler : Good morning Mr. Peter, I’m from butler service, I bring your request there is one extra pillow include with pillow case. May I set up the extra pillow for this time Mr. Peter?

Mrs Thalita : yes, I want you set up now.

Butler : Certainly (set up the extra pillow).

Setelah Menempatan Pillow (after set up the pillow)

Butler : Excuse me, I have finished to set up the pillow sir. You can enjoy your day tonight. I hope you memorable stay with us. Do you need something else?

Mr. Peter : No, this is more than enough. I like it.

Butler : May I take your signature for guest item?

Mr. Peter : Certainly.

Butler : Thank you so much for complete the information Mr. Peter. Have a nice day.

Mr. Peter : You’re welcome.

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